Client Billing Overview

This is a summary of all the ways you can see your client statements and pay your account at Mindfully.

Questions about your client bill? Contact us:

Paying Your Bills

Quick and easy ways to see your client bill

Mindfully Payment Process Options

Different Ways To See Your Statement

Our patient statement software, InboxHealth, has many ways to communicate with you:

  1. Text Messages
  2. Email Notifications
  3. Automated Voice Call Reminders
  4. Paper Statements
  5. Individual Patient Web Portal access to your account and a chat with us feature.
  6. Direct access to Mindfully Billing Staff.

The Client Billing Process Begins After Your Visit

Text Alert

1. Text Alerts of Your Client Statement

Text Alerts will give the balance due, and the option to click the link and view a quick overview of your balance due. 

Email Alerts

2. Email Notifications of Client Bill

Here is an example of an Email notification of the client bill, with an option to pay your bill or contact Mindfully for additional information. 

Phone Alerts

3. Phone Alerts of Your Balance

This is an example of an Automated Balance Reminder call.

“This is a friendly reminder from Mindfully. Your statement has a balance due. We sent your statement on Thursday February 8, 2024 by Email or Text Message. This is for your visit on Friday June 18, 2023. 
To make a payment, or ask a question about your bill, call 513-640-0062 to speak with the practice’s billing support team. To repeat, the practice support number is 513-640-0062.  If you have already paid this balance, please disregard this call. 
Thank you.” 

Paper Statement Alerts

4. Client Paper Statement Alerts

This is an example of a paper statement summarizing your client bill.

Your patient statement will have your balance detail and payment method options. 

Client Billing Patient Portal e1716928862755

5. Patient Portal

Your Mindfully client account portal can be accessed by going to 
or using the QR code on your statement. 
You will utilize the client “Account number” and your date of birth to create your portal log on. 

Questions about your bill?

If you have any questions about your bill or how to pay, please reach out to us!

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